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Refugee council

end the ban on asylum seeker's right to work.


More than half of people seeking asylum in the UK wait longer than 6 months for a decision on their asylum claim to be made. During this time, people find it hard to integrate and are left unable to work due to the Governments’ working ban, struggling to survive on just £5.28 a day. 


We used provocative statements people would say about asylum seekers/refugees and added our own text in the voice of Refugee Council to shed a light on the reality of what asylum seekers are going through right now in the UK.

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Refugee Councils’ Instagram would consist of various factual posts regarding asylum seekers in the UK, raise awareness on the petitions the campaign has set up through call-to-action posts and would repost submissions asylum seekers have sent in using the template provided on their website. 

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WEBSITE: #WaitingIsntWorking

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Refugee Council would have a #WaitingIsntWorking section on the website to lead audiences directly to all the resources needed to take action to end the working ban. It would provide direct links to petitions on and, as well as a directory leading them to their local MPs email address with a draft email they can copy + paste to use when writing to their MP.

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Refugee Council will collaborate with the job site ‘Indeed’ to raise awareness about the government’s ban on asylum seeker’s right to work. The Indeed website will be re-branded in the colours of Refugee council. On the opening page there will be a brief description about their call to action.

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When searching for jobs on Indeed, depending the location you select it will show you the number of people seeking asylum in your local area or nearest to you. It will briefly explain the work ban and how it affects the lives of asylum seeker’s in the UK.


There will be a link to sign the petition to end the ban on asylum seeker’s right to work, and another link to the campaign section on their website to find out more.


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